Q. How do I access WIFI in the library?


Unithèque, Internef and Riponne sites:

  • members of the university community and students from other universities can connect their mobile devices to the internet using the eduroam network
  • other users can access the ‘public-unil’ network and at the Riponne site, the ‘public bcu’ network (collect a ticket at the entrance to the library)
  • more information

The HEP-VD Public network is free of charge at HEP Vaud. Contact the reception desk for access. The HEP-VD network is reserved for students and staff at HEP Vaud.

At the Provence, Renens and Riponne sites, a ticket is available at the entrance of the library or at the desks to access the "public-bcu" network.


Last update: avril 29, 2022

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