Q. Can I receive books and other items at home by post ?


The loan by post is possible for the works belonging to the collections of the BCU Lausanne.

To receive a document at home, once you have found it in Renouvaud, log in, click on the "request" button and select "Personal delivery: home address".

It is important that you have first:

  • checked your address in your user account ;
  • paid your fees and fines, if any.

You will receive the document by post, and an invoice of CHF 13.00 per item.

Please note that :

  • We only deliver items belonging to the collections of the BCU Lausanne (and not ILL books and items).
  • The amount of CHF 13.00 is charged per document.
  • The delivery is valid only for Switzerland.
  • The delivery time is that of the B Mail (± 2 days).
  • On the due date, the document must be returned by post to the BCUL site Unithèque.
  • The return costs are at your charge.


Last update: avril 29, 2022

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