Q. How can I access my Renouvaud account using my Switch login?


You can log in to the Renouvaud catalog using your SWITCH credentials.

On the Discovery Tool, select the Switch edu-ID authentication method:

You will be redirected to the Switch login page. Log in as usual and you'll be redirected to the Discovery Tool, where you'll be authenticated.

This doesn't work, I get a message saying that the connection couldn't be made.

Go to switch.renouvaud.ch and follow the on-screen instructions.

You'll be asked to log in first in using your Renouvaud credentials, then log in to the SWITCH edu-ID service. All you have to do is confirm the association of the two accounts. Once the two accounts are linked, you can log in to the Discovery Tool using your Switch credentials!

Oops!  The wrong Renouvaud account has been linked to Switch

Tell a librarian, who will remove the current link. You can then link your Switch account to the right Renouvaud account.


Last update: oct. 30, 2023